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Plantain Leaf Bath2020-04-16T12:40:57+00:00
Plantain leaf bath


The treatment aids in facilitating the movement of green rays present in the sun, directly into the body. These rays are found to serve as a good antiseptic agent and have excellent healing properties. This process is regarded as one of the detoxification processes which involves profuse sweating. The treatment involves in covering the affected by plantain leaves or banana leaves. These banana leaves convert the harmful ultraviolet sun rays into healthy rays. It could be due to the presence of polyphenol, Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG – a very beneficial ingredient in the skin rejuvenation treatment) in its leaf.

  • Helps in removal of toxin.
  • Detoxifies the body and aids in weight loss.
  • Curative for all sorts of skin diseases.
  • Maintains the skin’s glow and clears the acne and black heads from the skin.
  • Induces to open the pores and clears the dirt away.
  • Possesses excellent anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Poor memory
  • Kidney disorders
  • Arthritis
  • Skin diseases
  • Vitamin D deficiency
  • Rickets, etc.