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Magneto therapy


Magneto therapy or magnetic therapy is an alternative medicine practice involving the use of weak static magnetic fields, a form of electromagnetic radiation, produced by permanent magnets.

Different effects are assigned to different orientations of the magnet. Magnet therapy has been used by different cultures for healing for a very long time. Cleopatra may have been the first historical figure to use magnet therapy as she was known to sleep on lodestone or magnetite to keep her skin youthful. This could also be the same reason why ancient rulers wore metallic headbands and bracelets. Even Aristotle and Plato were said to mention the benefits of lodestone in their works.

As a means for healing, magnets are widely used in countries like China, India and France. Usage of magnets in therapy forthe public was introduced to the United States in the early 1900s and is now fast gaining wide acceptance. Magnetic products like jewellery, shoe inserts, mattress pads, belts, caps, goggles, magnetic water stand and other things with magnetic properties are extensively available.

There is a natural electromagnetic field surrounding the earth and it largely affects our state of health and general well-being. The magnetic energy field is the area around a magnet in which magnetic forces act. The cells making up the human body are capable of renewing themselves. Therapeutically, magnets can be used to manipulate these cells. The same natural energy responsible for cell renewal can be amplified by magnetic force.

Not all magnetic energy is beneficial and can be used for healing. It is common knowledge that cell phones and computers emit harmful magnetic energy that cause memory loss, headaches, and in rare occasions, even tumours. On the other hand, beneficial magnetic force can be harnessed to increase blood flow. A good training is necessary to know the many applications of magnet on the human body.

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