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Treating successfully various medical conditions such as

Allergic diseases Obesity
High/low BP Digestive Disorders
Diabetes Insomnia
Heart Disease Epilepsy
Spondylosis Paralysis
Disc prolapse Hypo/hyperthyroidism
Migraine PCOS
Asthma Auto immune dieases
Skin Disease Kidney stones
Arthritis Arthritis

The system of Naturopathy and Yoga is a holistic one, which require a complete understanding of the patient. Hence the diagnosis aims at finding the root cause of the disease. Traditionally Naturopathic practitioners have been employing simple and effective natural diagnostic methods by observing the facial and bodily features, iris of the eyes, tongue, nails, pulse and analysis of the spine. Among these, iris diagnosis and facial diagnosis are predominantly used by present day Naturopaths.

In general, the system of Naturopathy uses three major tools for diagnosing a disease; facial diagnosis, iris diagnosis and modern diagnosis.

Facial Diagnosis

Facial diagnosis is a science formulated by Louis Kuhne to diagnose the internal conditions of the body by observing its external appearance. Although the science of facial expression concerns itself with the whole organism, the face is the most readily examined part, not only for mental but also for internal physical process reflection. The normal figure and functioning of body is described based on form, color and mobility and the abnormal or diseased body will have variations in them.

Iris Diagnosis

Iris diagnosis has the potential to expand the understanding of a person’s overall state of health and vitality, and even origin of disease processes. It is a useful and quick screening method towards the underlying problems for a holistic doctor using simple magnifying lens, flash light, slit lamps and microscopes. The characteristics of iris can be examined to determine changes in accordance with the systemic health of the person. The iris, pupil and sclera will be examined from right to left. Signs like lesions, lacunae, crypts, collarette, pigmentation, radial furrows are very much helpful in diagnosing medical conditions like inherent weakness of the organs, nervous disorders, skin disorders, musculoskeletal disorders, gastrointestinal system disorders, etc.

Modern Diagnosis

Apart from the traditional science, a Naturopath also uses the help of modern medicine to correlate their findings. They are well trained in the modern diagnostic methods during their study. They compare their findings with the existing medical reports of the patient as well as prescribe investigations to rule out the disease.

Thus, the system of Naturopathy becomes unique in treating various ailments due to their blending of diagnostic tools and thereby giving an efficient prognosis without any side effects.

Pulse Diagnosis

Acupuncture pulse diagnosis is one of the four major assessments in tcm (traditional Chinese medicine) consultation. Through pulse diagnosis we can find the imbalance inside the body either within or in between the organ and to judge the flow of the energy at three locations, i.e. cun, guan and chi, on both wrists, general health condition of a person and a particular organ can be fully recognized. In acupuncture the pulse gives information about the energy flow in the body.
In view of the increasing popularity of acupuncture worldwide, pulse diagnosis has received much attention from the public concerning its scientific and clinical values.